"The blockchain could
disrupt everything" - Goldman Sachs

The key is in separating out a simple
"cryptocurrency" from blockchain technology
that can truly shape the future of our world.

Committed to being accessible,
transparent and compliant.

At Blockchain Industries, we are focused on long-term results - in innovation that can help governments streamline their processes, rebuild struggling economies, transform legislative practices, revolutionize healthcare and education, and ultimately better humanity. The blockchain can bring unprecedented transparency and efficiency to daily functions in so many sectors - business, government, education, media - and to other areas that we haven't even yet imagined. This ultimately means that much of the waste in traditional business models can be eliminated. This capital - and not just financial capital; we're talking about time, energy, resources, human capital - can be reinvested into the technology to continue expansion, innovation, and job creation.

A New Asset Class

  • Digital Tokens represent a new asset class: 1500+ assets, highest valuation in excess of $850B USD
  • Digital Token issuance exceeded $5.6B in 2017
  • Growing acceptance in traditional finance: global asset allocators recommending 1% exposure
  • Underpenetrated: Digital Tokens are currently ~0.07% of global investible assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, and alternatives)
  • Royal Bank of Canada predicts Virtual Currency Market to reach $10 trillion from it's current position of ~$350B

Why Blockchain Matters

  • Blockchain technology decentralizes information and revolutionizes trust
  • Numerous industries can be reimagined and redeployed using blockchain technology
  • Digital Token issuance provides a new value formation mechanism with non-dilutive capital

Our Value Proposition

  • Early access to coveted protocols and token issuances
  • Deep technical competence, extensive industry network, a recognized global brand
  • Top-tier experiences in finance and operations with focus on compliance and risk management
  • We are accessible, transparent and compliant