We help you design unique

Crypto-economic models

BCI guides your business to the blockchain through comprehensive "smart stack" consulting services

Blockchain Industries helps companies interested in undertaking an ICO with their entire token generation event by carefully assessing and communicating the unique value and use case for your token or project. A token sale should include in-depth due diligence, a technical white paper, project transparency via a token offering memorandum, and a clear outline of the ecosystem.

Our services include:

  • Whitepaper Review & Generation
  • Tokenomics Modeling & Structuring
  • Investment Curation & Syndicate Structuring
  • Strategic Partnerships & Alliances
  • Legal & Compliance Analysis
  • Smart Contract Creation & Auditing
  • ICO Portal Site Creation
  • Blockchain Technology Architecture & Development
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Go-to-Market Plan for Product/Platform Launch


Unique Skill Sets

  • Legal and compliance
  • Crypto-economic knowledge
  • Engineering
  • Digital marketing
  • Institutional


  • Designed, advised and funded multiple ICOs
  • Distribution through institutional co-investment partners


Value Creation Through Token Spinoffs:
Creation, Issuance, Distribution.

Our Network and Relationships

  • Global deal origination network and partnerships
  • Consulting and investments with sovereign-backed institutions
  • Government advisory boards (Puerto Rico banking and technology advisory committees)
  • Founding member of DATA (Digital Asset Trade Association)
  • Global Blockchain Unbound conferences (Puerto Rico, Tokyo and Switzerland)
  • Milken Institute associates
  • Capital markets infrastructure: exchanges and banks
  • Top law firms engaged for regulation and compliance

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